October 4th, 2006

Veronica Mars - Season Premiere

Another season of Veronica Mars has started and this year will be a little different from the previous two. There won't be on mystery this season, there will be about four in small arcs over the course of the season. That sounds interesting to me but the reason for that is the episode order for VM for the season. So, my American friends, watch and watch often so that Veronica and friends will be back for a fourth season.

The premiere was wonderful. It was to see some familiar faces back and some promoted to regulars (Yay Mac!!). Some of the fallout from the end of last season was touched upon a bit but I think you'll see more over the course of the first arc and perhaps beyond. It was nice to see that Veronica, Logan, Wallace and Mac wound up at the same college. The opening scene was wonderful especially with the assignment that Veronica had in class. It figures that she would set a new record for the completion of it.

Wallace's roommate was cool and he slowly warmed up to Wallace especially after he got Veronica to help look for his roomie's missing stuff. It took some doing but she was able to find Piz's belongings. I have always loved how Veronica and the one that asks for her help find 'the bad guy' and watches them squirm when they get caught with the goods. The first case of the season done but the story arc will cover the rape that happened at the end of the episode, which is a carry over from last season. I'm glad that will be dealt with because I wander who it is that is doing it.

On a side note, Keith is in deep when he brought an old love to Kendall who was recently released from prison. That didn't end well with her getting shot by the man that Keith brought to see her. Now, Keith has to find away to get out and probably take that guy down. So, this season started pretty well.

Can't wait for the next episode.