October 11th, 2006

Veronica Mars - My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

The second episode continued with elements from the last installment. You really have to feel sorry for Parker, especially after what she went through. Of course, Veronica is in the middle of things as she could have done something but didn't know at the time what was happening when she snuck in to get those tickets. The good thing is that she's looking into what happened and will find out who the campus rapist is.

Veronica gets hired by the school newspaper and her first assignment is to go undercover at a sorority to investigate Parker's rape. Over the course of the investigation she finds that things are not as they appear to be. The sorority's den mother is suffering from cancer and is growing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately before she found that out, Veronica turned in her story without learning that tiny fact. On a side note, it looks like Parker and Mac are becoming friends. I really enjoyed those parts of the episode.

Keith was finally able to reach a police station and lead them back to where Kendall was killed. Unfortunately, there was no body present but there was blood evidence present. Another good thing that happened was that the Fitzpatrick that was after Keith met an untimely end at the hands of his brother, who was in search of Kendall's money. He'll never find it, thanks to Keith.

Probably my favourite part of the episode was the Sociology experiment that both Wallace and Logan participated in. Wallace was part of a group that were prison guards while Logan was in a group who were prisoners. The object of the experiment was that the guards had to extract information from the prisoners to stop a bomb from going off. But the had to do it within a certain time frame. What added to this experiment was the side bet that Wallace and Logan had: the loser would have to streak on campus. One guard was a real hard ass and treated the prisoners like crap. But they held strong and because of that one guard's harassment, broke out of jail. The guards found them eventually and brought them back.

The hard ass guard had kept up picking on one prisoner in particular and finally got him to break, unfortunately that prisoner was given false info and thus the experiment continued. When the clock in the facility that was used for the experiment showed that the time was up, one of the prisoners revealed the location of the bomb. The professor came in at that time a rewarded the victory to the guards because two of the guards faked being asleep to let the prisoners escape and used that time to set the clock ahead. One of those guards was Wallace. When class started again, Logan wore a mask and streaked the class. I really appreciated this part of the episode because I took a couple of Sociology classes in college and makes me appreciate those classes even more.

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life and Five Card Stud Status

My first crack  at writing Spider-Man's Wonderful Life was pretty good.  I got over a page done and I feel pretty good about that.  I'll get back to working on that one tomorrow.  Today, I hope to make some headway with Five Card Stud.  I'm about halfway in completing the final chapter and I hope to get a nice chunk of that done today.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about what I'm writing and I hope to finish FCS very soon so that I can concentrate more fully on SWL.

ALCS - Game 1 Results

With a spectacular pitching performance from Nate Robertson and very patient hitting, the Detroit Tigers took game with a 5-1 victory Tuesday night.  As the old saying goes during the playoffs in baseball, good pitching beats good hitting, that's what happened during game 1.  The Tigers played great ball last night and that's why they won.  But it appears that they will not have the services of Sean Casey for tonight's game and maybe further.  Casey has a left calf injury and the severity will be found out this morning.  I believe the Tigers will overcome this and continue to play at the level they have all season long.

Game 1 Summary: Tigers 5, A's 1

Tonight's game is again slated for 8:00 with Tigers' rookie sensation Justin Verlander pitching for the Tigers and the A's will have Esteban Loiaza pitching for them.

Over in the National League, Game 1 of the NLCS takes place tonight at 8:00 in New York with the Mets playing host to the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Mets will be sending veteran pitcher Tom Glavine to the mound tonight against the Cardinals' (and former Tiger) Jeff Weaver.

I believe both games are being broadcast on Fox, so check local listings for the game being shown in your area.