October 16th, 2006

Writing Status

It was back to the old keyboard for me with both my Smallville and Spider-Man stories still in the works.  I've done a little work on my Smallville story and it's still coming along.  My hopes for this story is that I'll finish the last chapter by week's end.  My fingers are crossed about that happening.

The first chapter of my latest Spider-Man fic was completed over the weekend and that made me happy.   That chapter is now in the hands of my co-author for her to do some tweaking to it.  She also plotted everything out for the second chapter, which I'll start working on tomorrow.  I really have a good feeling about getting that chapter done by the weekend.

My hope is that after this week is over, I'll only have one story to concentrate on.  That would be a blessing.  But I can honestly say that it hasn't been overly difficult to write two stories concurrently.