October 18th, 2006

Mark's Soapbox & Writing Status

Election in my municipality has come again and for the second time in a row, they fail to add my name to card that we recieve in the mail to vote.  I guess they don't want yours truly to perform his civic duty.  That's very unsettling because I find it to be a real pain in the butt.

My writing has also taken a hit this week because I won't be aroud too much to write.  Major bummer.

Veronica Mars - Wichita Linebacker

The episode centers around a football player who loses his playbook, which eventually leads to Veronica helping to find it. But all is not good for Veronica since she is facing expulsion from college by not telling the Dean who her source for the marijuana story was.

We also get to see the return of Weevil (another favourite character of mine), who is out on parole but needs to stay employed in order to stay out of jail.

During Veronica's investigation, she gets some help from the player and his girlfriend, which leads to the girlfriend's ex. That leads to a dead end until all signs point the girlfriend. Veronica learns that the girlfriend did take the playbook and the reason for that is that the coaches were treating her boyfriend terribly during practice especially after he came back from an injury. But the girlfriend didn't have it at the time, so they were back to square one. In the end, it was located with the roommate of the ex for the reason to sell it to an opposing team and for betting on the college's opponent for that week. There was no happy ending since the football player left school.

Veronica's problem with the Dean was eventually handled when she was able to make a deal with him. She was able to get his car repaired after finding out that the Dean's son was the one that damaged it. Weevil was the one to fix it and Veronica got the Dean to hire him for maintenance and therefore not have to reveal her source.