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Mark Clark
20 October 2006 @ 08:22 am

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Mark Clark
20 October 2006 @ 08:53 am
Finally, the Detroit Tigers have an opponent to face in the Fall Classic.

With a 3-1 win last night, the St. Louis Cardinals earned the right to face the Tigers in the World Series.  The pitching matchups for tomorrow's game one haven't been announced yet but it should be interesting to see who gets the starting nod for both teams

Who the Tigers will use in this series should prove interesting since they've had a week of rest.  Hopefully, their injured players will be ready to go for game one tomorrow.
Mark Clark
20 October 2006 @ 09:01 am
I just came across this poll from Wizard that asks who is the hottest chick in Smallville.  The results of this poll will be featured in a future issue of Wizard magazine.

You can vote for the poll using this link:  Who is the hottest chick in Smallville?

There's an interesting selection to choose from.