October 26th, 2006

World Series - Game 4

A rainy day in St. Louis caused yesterday's game 4 to be pushed back to today.  Weather there may not be overly good today or tomorrow for game 5.  I would hope that MLB would push the game time up because it seems to me that the weather would be better earlier in the day than at night.

Any way, the pitching matchup remains the same for Game 4 as the Tigers send Jeremy Bonderman to the mound to face the Cardinals Jeff Suppan.  With the rainout yesterday, game 5 may have an interesting pitching matchup and it'll be interesting to see who the Tigers and Cardinals have pitching for them tomorrow.

The Saga Begins

I found this over the weekend and I just had to post it here.  This is another Weird Al video of one of his parodies called The Saga Begins.  It's based on the prequels to the original Star Wars saga.  Being a SW fan, I thought it was great.  The song is a parody of American Pie, which is a fantastic song in it's own right.