November 13th, 2006

Writing and New Fics

I was finally able to post the last chapter to my Smallville fic, Five Card Stud.  Over the next few days, I'll post the remainder of the chapters on my LJ page and slowly add them to the Clois site that I'm a member of.

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life is still stuck at two chapters.  My co-author hasn't gotten back to me about an outline for chapter 3 and I hope she does soon.  In the meantime, I'll be writing some more Smallville.  My next SV fic will be Christmas related and I just have to wait for the specs that I will have to follow in order to write it.  The good thing about that fic is that it will be a one shot.  Right now, I figure it to be about 10 pages in length.

I do still plan on writing my Spider-Man/Smallville crossover but not until next year.

With all the writing I'll be doing, the ol' creative juices will definitely be flowing.

The Horror!!

Man, just when the day seems like everything will go your way, then SPLAT!!

I lost a crapload of my bookmarks and I have been slowly getting them all back.  Unfortunately this wasn't the first time this has happened but I hope it will be the last.  BTW, my LJ bookmarks were affected as well but I got them all back.
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