November 27th, 2006

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life is a Christmas story that I am currently working on and I'm not working on it alone.  This will be my second Spider-Man fic that I co-authored and it happens to follow the last co-authored fic that I co-wrote, which also happened to be a Spider-Man fic.  So far there are 3 chapters in the can, the fourth is in the beta stage and the fifth is currently in development.  Chapter 6 has been plotted but won't come to fruition until 5 has been completed and sent to my co-author to add her part to it.

SWL will not be posted until most of the story is in the can.  This is the way I usually handle all of my stories because I hate to have readers wait for a while for a chapter to be posted.  Plus it keeps me on a regular posting schedule.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  The first post should be sometime during the first full week of December.  So, keep on eye out for it.