November 29th, 2006

SWL Writing Continues

I began chapter 6 today with some momentum with completing chapter 5 in a mere 2 days.  Well, that's what happens when the writing bug catches you or there's nothing better to do, lol.  As of now, I am half way through the outline that my co-author prepared for what is to be covered in the 6th chapter.  The way things are going, I may have chapter 6 done today as well.  Boo-yah!!

That accomplishment would be tremendous.  With my Smallville Christmas fic in the wings, getting chapter 6 done will give me some more breathing room.  Also having the outlines for 7 and 8, I can start those at my leisure.  So, I feel pretty good about everything and if I can keep this pace up, some posting will be in the seen in the near future.

Writing Update:  I was able to complete chapter 6 of Spider-Man's Wonderful Life.  Never thought I would do that because my intention was not to finish it.  My hope was to get about half to 2/3 of it done but I was in a groove so I completed it.  That gives me 2 chapters to go and a lot of room to work on my Smallville fic while I finish up SWL.