December 2nd, 2006

The Writing Continues

I have finally received my specs for my Smallville Christmas fic but it was received with trepidation.  Talking it out with a very dear friend (you know who you are), I was able to come to grips with it.  The rating and the song to the fic is what got me because the song I never heard of before and the rating was not what I expected.

I will do my best to produce one of the finest Smallville Christmas tales for the season.

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life is coming into the home stretch.  I have chapter 8 left to do and once we get 6 & 7 from our beta, my co-author and I will have practically the whole story in the can.  All we have left is chapter 8 and an epilogue.  We will begin posting sometime this week.  My co-author and I will be talking about when.  I may post a teaser the day before I post the chapter, that's another thing I'll discuss with my co-author.

So, expect a fantastic Spider-Man story very soon.