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Mark Clark
06 December 2006 @ 06:28 pm
The creative process was firing on all cylinders today.  I wrote almost 2 pgs to A Christmas to Remember.  The most work I've done on that story since I started it this weekend.  With the work I've done on it today, I'm just about half way finished.  Yay!!

In a day or so, I think I'll get back to working on Spider-Man's Wonderful Life.  I've been assisted with wonderful outlines for that story by my co-author.  Those have really helped me with writing the chapters.  So, I hope it takes me a day to finish that last chapter so I can full concentrate on CtR.

I'm feeling pretty good about both of these projects and I hope everyone that reads them will enjoy each one.  It would be nice that whoever reads one, will check out the other.