December 7th, 2006

And the Wheels Came Off

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it was bound to happen.  My creative writing streak has thus come to an end.  I know, I know, I am just as shocked as everyone else is.  But it wasn't from a lack of not wanting to write.  The ole computer gremlins were bothering my laptop today and I got so frustrated that I said the hell with writing for today.

Plus, today I picked up my monthly stack of comics (htbthomas knows what I'm talking about).  With all the reading I'll be doing, there won't be a lot of writing but I plan to do some tomorrow and hopefully a little over the weekend.  But with me writing up a storm lately, I don't think I'll miss any deadlines.

There has been an interesting turn of events with Spider-Man's Wonderful Life.  Instead of 8 chapters and an epilogue, there will be 10.  My co-author sprung that on me in her last email.  A was very shocked to learn this because I still had A Christmas to Rember to work on.  Knowing this, she asked to handle the writing duties on the remaining chapters and epilogue.  I accepted and thanked her for doing that.  We originally agreed to me finishing chapter 8 and her doing the epilogue.  I really appreciate her for picking up the slack and I hope everyone takes the time to read SWL, you won't regret it.

Some heart felt advice:  Please drive carefully when the weather is bad, especially when it snows.  On probably the most known major highway in Southwestern Ontario, I saw two semis and a truck off of highway 401.  The two semis were on their sides.  Not a pretty sight.  Just be safe on the roads this holiday season.

sean_montgomery's Royals made an expensive deal for a pitcher today on the last day of the Winter Meetings for MLB.  The pitcher's name is Gil Meche and he is formerly of the Seattle Mariners.  Don't know how much of an impact he'll have with the Royals but they certainly paid enough for him.

Here are some more of KC's moves

My Tigers were relatively quiet, but they did pick someone up today through a trade.  Hopefully it will fill a need that the Tigers have.

Tigers move

It's nice to think of baseball when it's cold outside.

Any who, I may have a teaser for SWL tomorrow.  Stay tuned.</lj>