December 10th, 2006

Not a Very Good Day

Well, this is the second day that I haven't written a thing for A Christmas to Remember.  I really wanted to after I finished reading my monthly stack of comics, which were very good by the way.  Things derailed after getting frustrated over certain things.  So, I had a crappy day after that.

Tomorrow, I will get back at and hopefully write up at storm.  Now, I would like to see some people read Spider-Man's Wonderful Life.  I know of a couple of people that have read it here and on  Over on, the story is getting some hits, but no one is freakin' reviewing.  I really hate that.  As a writer, you want to hear back from readers to know if they like what you're doing.  Alas, my co-author and I have only received 2 reviews for it so far on (I know who the review is and I appreciate the reviews).

Hopefully reviews will pick up as more chapters are posted.  The next one will be on Tuesday, preceded by a teaser tomorrow.  Check it out, you may like it.