December 19th, 2006

The Time is Almost Nigh

I got some very good news today concerning, A Christmas to Remember.  The first beta I sent it too got it back to me today and I was able to work my magic on it.  Then I was able to send it to my second beta, who got it back to me later in the day.  That was a complete shock to me because I didn't expect to get it back from her so soon.  Again, I fixed stuff up and I'll get a final look at it.  With all that done, I'll be ready to post it on Thursday.

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life continues to pick up new reviewers.  That pleases me.  Since my co-author and I want to have the complete story up by Christmas, I'll be posting new chapters on a daily basis now until the end.  So, everyone will get a good dose of Spider-Man Christmas goodness right up to Christmas.

I would like you all to bow your heads in honour of Joseph Barbera who passed away yesterday.  Along with William Hanna, they produced several memorable cartoons such as Scooby Doo, the Flintstones, the Jestsons, Yogi Bear and several others.  They even created some cartoons from both DC and Marvel Comics.  I grew up on those 'toons and I enjoy watching them when I can catch them on TV.  May the next generation of children and animation lovers enjoy their work for many years to come.