December 22nd, 2006

Spider-Man, Spider-Man does Whatever a Spider Can

Spider-Man's Wonderful Life continues to roll on and that makes me happy.  There's 2 more chapters and an epilogue to go.  They will be posted over the weekend, just in time for Christmas.  Now, I'll just have to get to those reviews and reply to them.  That is going to be a huge chore but one I will do.

If you are following Spider-Man in the comics, like I am, you may want to know a couple of things that are planned for the webspinner next year.  First, there's JMS' final Spider-Man arc called, One More Day.

You can find out more about it here:  One More Day

Also, the Spider-Man group of comics will have a new editor next year and you can learn more about this here: New Spider-Man Editor

It appears that it will be an interesting 2007 for Spider-Man and I can't wait to see what happens.