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Mark Clark
Yes indeedy folks something did happen, which was quite shocking.  As I was driving home on one of Southwestern Ontario's highways, I saw a car swiftly jerk itself from behind a car that was way ahead of me.  To me, I thought the driver was a little quick to pass the car just ahead of him.  But what happened next surprised me.  The car began to fishtail in the passing lane (that was the same lane that I was currently in) and then backed it's way off the highway into the midian.  Luckily the midian consisted of a grassy area and ditch.  As you can tell, I didn't get caught up in it and neither did anyone else, thank God.  That sure did get the blood and adrenaline pumping.  I've seen plenty of resulting accidents but not one that was in progress, until today.  Hopefully that's the last time I do see one.  I do hope that who was ever in the car was alright.  The good thing is that the car didn't roll over.

I feel pretty good today, no more headache but just a little stuffy, which will go away in time.

With all of my comic book reading I'll be doing over the weekend, I'll be staying out of trouble, lol.  Plus, it may give me some inspiration towards my Valentine's 12 Days fic.