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Mark Clark
16 January 2007 @ 07:07 pm
Nothing done to Affairs of the Heart today, I just got a little to busy to do any writing.  I hope to remedy that, tomorrow.  I really need to get working on that because I want to get it done and betaed by the last week in January.  Keep your fingers crossed.

It looks like I may have plenty of 12 Days fics to beta this time around.  Hopefully, this will take some of the load off my dear friend htbthomas's shoulders.

From the world of baseball, the AL champion Tigers have resigned all their players that were eligible for salary arbitration.  It's always a good idea to avoid going to those hearings because I 3rd party is the one that decides a player's salary and it can go in either the player's favour or the team's favour.

Tiger's sign Four

So, it should be interesting to see who makes the roster for the Tigers to help them defend and retain their AL championship and Spring Training isn't too far away.