February 28th, 2007

Veronica Mars - Catching up

I've been a little lax with my Veronica Mars recaps and what really hurt me was missing an episode. That really put me behind the proverbial eight ball. Sometime within the next several days, I'll have a recap and comments on last night's episode, which ended the second story arc of the season. So here are the previous 3 episode recaps and the final one has a comment from me because of an interesting turn that the show will take.

Note to htbthomas: Read this if you feel like you can't wait to catch up by watching these episodes.

Thanks, as always, goes out to TV.com for the recaps.

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Another Day, Another Tigers Victory

The Detroit Tigers played their first real exhibition game today against the New York Mets.  Like yesterday, the Tigers came out on top and they beat the Mets by a 5-4 score.  Not bad, but the Tigers did have one shakey inning in the 8th when they gave up 3 runs.  It's the first game of the exhibition season but sometimes you can spot things in just one game.

Tigers 5, Mets 4

No writing done today, bummer.  I just didn't feel like doing any and I probably won't do any tomorrow since I'll be a bit busy.  If I do any tomorrow, it won't be much but you never know with me, lol.

I was able to get another episode of Heroes in the books.  Now, I am 2 episodes away from being all caught up.  I tried to watch the 16th episode but the site I went to crapped out on me and it wouldn't come up.  That really blew, but I can't do anything about it.  I just hope I can watch those two so I can be prepared to watch it on Monday.  I need to watch it for one simple reason, a Spider-Man 3 preview will air during that episode so I just have to watch it.  Even if I don't, I'll watch it any way because I ain't going to miss a preview of Spider-Man 3.