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Mark Clark
01 March 2007 @ 07:06 pm
I was able to watch episode 16 of Heroes today and it was freakin' awesome.  Peter was fantastic here and it shows that he could be one of the most powerful people who has an ability.  Everything that involved him in this episode was wonderful.  I hated the Invisible guy for blaming Peter, what an ass.  Peter saved his sorry butt and what does he get to show for it, he lost the guy who can teach him how to control his powers.  Later, Issac is shooting up a storm at an invisible Peter.  Man, that guy is a complete moron and he winds up shooting poor Simone.  Another good part was when Hiro got on the bus, the bus driver was freakin' awesome in that scene.  I wonder why I'm so jazzed about that??  Tomorrow, I shall be caught up completely.  Also, I may be joining the chatfest that goes on during an episode.

Today was another ballgame and another Tigers victory.  They played the Phillies today and had most of their regular players playing today.  Unfortunately the game was closer than it probably should have been with a couple of Minor League pitchers the Tigers used gave up plenty of runs to make the games close.  Those two guys are probably heading back to the minors this year.

Tigers 9, Phillies 7