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Mark Clark
02 March 2007 @ 06:31 pm
I have finally caught up with Heroes. It took a bit of doing but I watched episode 17 and it was fantastic. This episode certainly shed some light on certain things. What surprised me was that Hiro's father is somehow involved with the agency that HRG works for. Say it ain't so, Mr. Sulu?? Another shocker was that he was the one that turned baby Claire over to HRG in the first place. WOW!! Loved young Hiro. Changes lie ahead and the next episode may have some more interesting things to show.

Another day the Tigers play ball and another Tigers victory. Today, they headed to Kissimmee where the Houston Astros play. It was another high scoring affair for the Bengals who won 13-8.  Jeremy Bonderman started for the Tigers and gave up a run in two innings of work.  Of course, most of the runs scored off of Tigers pitching came from guys in their minor league system.  Man, I wished that some of them could pitch decently so the score shouldn't look as close as it ended up.

Tigers 13, Astros 8

No writing done today.  I was too busy looking at the latest issue of Wizard.  It's doubtful that I'll do any writing over the weekend but you never know.  I should be able to resume writing sometime this coming week.