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Mark Clark
08 March 2007 @ 06:49 pm
Yeah, weird day says it all. I did a few things that weren't necessarily wrong but I was a tad bit forgetful today. Don't know what brought that on but probably it was from not thinking about what I was doing and being a little to quick on the draw today. Oh well.

There was something interesting that happened to me today. While coming home from getting my comics, I happened to see a couple of wild turkeys off to the side of the road. The amazing thing was that you don't see them around these parts too often and they were lucky that no one hit them. I see some rabbits, raccoons and the occasional deer but wild turkeys, that's something.

No writing done today. Hopefully tomorrow I can get something done.

The Tigers finally won a ballgame today and in the process, they handed the Cincinnati Reds their first loss of the spring. Yay!! Unfortunately, the pitching once again let the score be closer than it should be. The final was 9-7. The surprising thing was that it wasn't any minor league pitchers that gave up runs today, it was a couple of regulars that did. That's not too good because if you keep giving up runs, you can pitch your way off the 25-man roster.

Tigers 9, Reds 7

I got my monthly comics today, so I'll be busy reading over the weekend and that may give me some inspiration to write up a storm.

coltdancer, my thoughts and prayers are still with you, my dear. *hugs*