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Mark Clark
14 March 2007 @ 06:30 pm
No writing done once again today. It wasn't for the lack of trying but there were other things that had to get done so writing took a back seat to that. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have better luck. I really need to get working on it because I hate to be working on it at the last moment especially since it will probably be a couple of chapters.

After a tough loss yesterday in Grapefruit League action yesterday, the Tigers came through with a stellar victory today. Kenny Rogers started on the mound for the Tigers and pitched 5 innings of 3-hit ball en route to a 2-0 victory. It's nice to see a solid outing from a starting pitcher for the Tigers and I hope it continues tomorrow and throughout the rest of spring training. 

Tigers 2, Mets 0

While scanning the ole f-list I read some interesting news about the Superman Returns sequel, which is also what I heard on another website. It appeared that Bryan Singer would be busy directing a new film before work on the SR sequel, thus pushing it back.  Then I noticed that the other picture wouldn't have an effect on the SR sequel and that it would go off on schedule.  The next little bit is my own opinion about it and will need to be highlighted in order to read it and is under the cut.