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Mark Clark
15 March 2007 @ 06:23 pm
It took several days but I was finally able to get some work done on my 12 Days fic. Just to give people a little taste of what to expect, here's the title: Cross Border Heroes. Some people know what the title refers to but if you don't, let the speculation begin. I didn't write much but at least there's something more to it than before.

I had a good sports day especially after learning that the Tigers won. The Red Wings needed a win to take over first place in their division. Not only did they get the win, which was over the Predators, whom at the time was in first but the Wings took over possession of top spot in the NHL. Good going Wings. Plus, the Detroit Pistons beat Portland last night to keep ahead of those Cavaliers. Any who, the Tigers play their first night game of the spring tonight so I hope everything goes well for them. Also, Justin Verlander pitches for the Bengals tonight and he needs a good outing tonight.

Tonight is also a new episode of Smallville. Too bad it has to be 'Promise', the sickening wedding episode of Lex and Lana. Get the barf bags ready, my friends because this could get messy. I'll be glad when this episode is over with because next week's episode will be much better, especially since Lois will be back. Yay!!