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Mark Clark
22 March 2007 @ 09:30 am
Spider-Man fans, rejoice!!  I just found a new TV spot for the most anticipated film of 2007 (that's Spider-Man 3, folks).  So, stop whatever you are doing and watch.  I believe it is available in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats.  If you use Quicktime, you'll need Quicktime 7 to view it.

Spider-Man 3 TV Spot
Mark Clark
22 March 2007 @ 06:20 pm
Yes, I was able to get some writing done today. Plus, it was a little more than I have done the past few days and that makes me happy. If everything goes well, I may have the first part to my fic in the can. That would definitely make me happy and my story will be a third done because I stll see it as 3 chapters, at least for now.

The Tigers play the Indians tonight in Lakeland. This will mark the first Tigers home game this spring that will be played under the lights. First pitch is scheduled for 6:05. I have heard that the Tigers may use their Opening Day lineup in tonight's game, now that will be cool. It will give all of us Tigers fans a look at what to expect on Opening Day.

Here's a little something that I think sean_montgomery will get a kick out of.

Cardinals Manager Arrested

Plus I found a new TV spot for Spider-Man 3 earlier today.  Check out my previous post to get a look.