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Mark Clark
24 March 2007 @ 07:01 pm
No writing was done today and the Muse is not to blame, for once. Today was a day that I just didn't feel like writing. I do plan on doing some tomorrow. I also have to finalize my first chapter to send it to one of my betas.

Today was an alright day for the Tigers. They had a split squad today and played the Atlanta Braves at home and the Houston Astros on the Road. The better starting pitching was at home with Kenny Rogers but they lost to the Braves 3-1. The Tigers fared better against the Astros as they came from behind to win that contest 7-5 by scoring 3 runs in the 9th. I assume that another round of cuts is coming soon because the regulars will be playing during this final week of Spring Training and I wonder who will be cut.

During a conversation that I had with htbthomas and jenn_1 earlier today, a couple of icons were created especially for me. Thanks htbthomas for the icons and one of them will make their debut tomorrow. This goes to show you that icons can come from the simplest of places.