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Mark Clark
29 March 2007 @ 05:59 pm
To start off, I did not do any writing at all today but that was expected since it was kinda busy. Tomorrow, I hope to get some work done on it and the same can be said for the weekend as well. I know where the story is heading but I just need to type it in good ol' Word.

The Tigers had both a good day and a bad day today. First, I'll talk about the good. As Spring Training is drawing to a close, the Tigers are finishing the season pretty strongly. They played the Astros today and defeated them by a 3-1 score. Chad Durbin started the game for the Tigers and pitched 5 2/3 innings of five hit - no run ball.

Tigers 3, Astros 1

Now, the bad news for the Tigers. Today, the Tigers had to put left-handed starting pitcher Kenny Rogers on the DL. The reason Rogers is going on the disabled list is that he has a fatigued arm. That sucks but it's predicted that he will just miss one start, which I hope happens. The result of this was that the Tigers brought someone up to take Rogers' place on the roster. Hopefully Kenny can make a speedy recovery and pitch they way he has so far with the Tigers.

Rogers on the 15-Day DL

With no new Smallville tonight, it's time to bring out one of my favourite DVDs to watch, The Greatest American Hero. This was one of my favourite TV shows when I was a kid, also one of htbthomas's as well and I'm glad I can watch it on DVD. I'll be able to get an episode of GAH in before a new episode of CSI. So, I should have some good TV watching done tonight.