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Mark Clark
04 April 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Today, the Detroit Tigers got their AL Championship rings today just before their game against the Toronto Blue Jays. I saw what they look like on a local broadcast and they look wonderful.  The ring has the old English D in the center and it's surrounded by diamonds.  I hope to get a picture of it to post tomorrow because those rings look awesome and they couldn't have gone to a better bunch of guys.

The day was topped up with a win for the Tigers as they downed the Jays, 10-9.  The Tigers had an early 8-0 lead, thanks to a Curtis Granderson grandslam but they had to hold of the Jays to get the win.  Nate Robertson had a solid pitching performance and Todd Jones recorded his first save of the season.  That was the only bright spot for Tigers pitching today because Jason Grilli and Fernando Rodney (the dumbass that cost the Tigers the home opener) gave up 7 runs in the 8th to get the Jays close.  Those two guys better start pitching right or else they will either get shipped to the minors or released.  To me, it doesn't matter which because I want to so people to do their job and not give up a crapload of runs.  That is just ridiculous.  The main thing is that the Tigers won the ballgame.

Tigers 10, Blue Jays 9

I continue to get some more writing done and I can say for sure now that I am at the half way mark of my second chapter.  I'm slowly starting to pick up steam on my fic and it's about time, lol.  My plan is to get as much done on it tomorrow because it will be a busy day for me.