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Mark Clark
05 April 2007 @ 04:24 pm
Today was an interesting day to say the least. There most be something in the air or what not because it seems that every once in a while when I make a trip to get my comics, I see something interesting happen. Heading into downtown Chatham, that's the town I go to get my comics, I saw a few fire trucks heading in a certain direction. Of course, that is the direction that I had to go. I couldn't park any where near the trucks that pulled off to the side of the ride up a head of me, so I park on a side street. Then I notice that there was a fire either in or beside one of the banks on the street. I say this because I could see some smoke from time to time. I haven't heard anything about it yet but I do hope to hear something tomorrow.

In sports, the Tigers/Blue Jays game was postponed today due to the weather. I can understand that because it was snow pretty good at times. But the funny thing about that is when they get to make the game up, Sept. 10. When I saw that, I couldn't believe it. Well, that's what happens when you play a non-divisional team early in the year. Thank you very much schedule makers.

Like I said yesterday, I probably wouldn't get much writing done today and that's what happened. I did a little today. The plan tomorrow is to try to get more done and possibly finish my second chapter. I would like to pass on some much needed luck to bistyboo1974 because her fic is supposed to be posted on Monday and she hasn't started yet. Oh my poor, bisty. Good luck my friend and whatever you come up with, it should be wonderful.
Mark Clark
05 April 2007 @ 05:09 pm
Before yesterdays game against the Blue Jays, the defending American League champion Detroit Tigers received their championship rings. Like I said yesterday, they were wonderful looking. I have a picture of a replica of the ring that will be available for fans to purchase and a link with a description of the ring itself.

Tigers Recieve Championship Rings