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Mark Clark
11 April 2007 @ 06:44 pm
I was able to get a decent amount of work done on Cross Border Heroes today. I wish it was more but I had to tie up some loose ends from the previous chapter. I'm nearing the point where I'll have my cast heading to their destination where the story will end. sean_montgomery and I were hashing out ideas for what I have planned at the end.  I think that part is all but worked out.  I just have to write everything that happens before it though, lol.

For the second straight series, the Tigers will try to win the rubber game and this time it's against the Orioles.  Justin Verlander pitches for the Tigers in hopes to get his first win of the season under his belt.  Also, the Tigers bats hope to come to life tonight as well.  Their offense hasn't been over spectacular but the reason for that could be the weather that they have played in so far.  When those Tiger bats come alive, I'll feel sorry for the team that faces them when that happens, but only just a little bit.

One more week to go before a new episode of Heroes airs.  Yay!!  I just found out something interesting that will during the final episodes of the season.  Spoilers are within, so read at your own risk.

Heroes spoilers