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Mark Clark
16 April 2007 @ 06:40 pm
With my 12 Days fic done, I can relax a bit from writing. All I have to do is prepare my chapters for posting. As of now, the first chapter is all set to go and the second has a few tweaks left to get done with it. The third is still in the hands of my very talented betas and I hope they can get it back to me very soon.

Tonight, the Tigers start a 3 game series with division rivals the Kansas City Royals. Being in Detroit, the first two games will be cold to play in since they are night games. The finale is a day game where the temperature shouldn't be that cold unless there is a breeze blowing.

I was also able to finish downloading something pretty amazing to add to my Spider-Man visual collection. It took be 3 days to download the complete second season of the live action Spider-Man TV series. This season contains an episode that I have searched for, for several years now. The episode in question happens to be the final episode of the season, the Chinese Web. A few years ago, I ordered the episode on video through my comic shop but unfortunately it never arrived. That was sad but I do wish they release the complete series, which they have but only in Japan. Oh well, I have it now but I wouldn't mind having it on DVD.