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Mark Clark
18 April 2007 @ 06:16 pm

My mom and I had to accompany my dad to the emergency room today.  He's been feeling dizzy from time to time lately and a phone call to our family doctor told us to get him there quickly and that's what we did.  Of course, the waiting is a pain in emergency but he got in.  They ran some tests and it was shown that his blood is too thin.  My dad has some heart problems that he takes blood thinners for and that could be the culprit right there.  Tomorrow he goes back to the hospital to get some blood work done and will be off from work until Monday.  Plus he will take a course concerning strokes, because the dizziness could be a sign of a stroke.  The entire family believes that it's his medication but it's always good to be cautious.  So, just keep my dad in your prayers.

The Tigers just gave away a series sweep to the Royals by losing today.  They blew a 3-0 lead in the ballgame, thank you very much Todd Jones.  The game went 10 innings where the Royals scored the winning run, thank you very much Fernando Rodney.  This is very frustrating because Rodney has blown every game he's pitched in when the game is close.  If this keeps up, I hope the Tigers find someone to replace him.

With what went on today, I wasn't feeling like doing any work on my fic.  I'll do it tomorrow and I may have some rewriting to do.  Maybe I should say some additions to it.  That shouldn't amount to too much and won't change the story drastically but it will add onto what I have.