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Mark Clark
04 June 2007 @ 06:59 pm
Sometimes, technology can be a real pain. This morning while I was surfing the 'net, I went to YouTube to watch some videos. When I selected on, there was no volume to it. What was going on I wondered. Everything was working the way it was suppose to. I check out my media programs on my laptop. Media Center worked fine but Real Player did not. The file I wanted to play, wouldn't play thus my frustration grew. The first thing that came to mind was was I having trouble with my new laptop, which is just a few months old.

The next thing that I did was check out the help section. It lead me to update my drivers for the sound card. So, I go to my laptop's website to get the appropriate driver and install it. Once that was done, I checked my media and the sound was back. Yay!!

It took me about an hour to figure all this out. I'm just glad that it was a new driver that was needed and nothing seriously wrong with the laptop. So, everything worked out for the best but it sure gets frustrating when things like that happen especially after you had to get a new laptop months earlier.