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Mark Clark
14 June 2007 @ 06:19 pm
If this is what happens after a no-hitter, it sucks. Tigers pitching has been inconsistent all season, except for a select few. Last night, the bullpen blows a one run lead and today they couldn't keep the Tigers in the game. If this keeps up, changes will be made and pretty darn quick because I know Jim Leyland doesn't like what's going on as much as the fans do. This team is a heck of a lot better than they are, especially the pitching. When Kenny Rogers comes back, there will be a move made and right now I think Nate Robertson or Chad Durbin may be part of that change. But the bullpen is a complete mess. Grilli, Ledezma and Rodney have been terrible. Rodney was the one that blew the game last night while Grilli and Ledezma failed to keep the Tigers in the game today.

The offense can't score dozens of runs every game and the pitchers have to pitch well because come playoff time, that's what wins ballgames. I would like to see some changes and I think they may happen sooner than later. When that change comes, some are going to be without a job and the only ones they can blame are themselves. It has happened once already this season when the Tigers released Jose Mesa and I think it can happen again.