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Mark Clark
21 June 2007 @ 09:07 am
Just like I said in one of my previous posts about the Tigers' pitching that change was a comin'.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has come.  About time too!!  Sometime yesterday, the Tigers traded left-handed reliever Wilfredo Ledezma to the Atlanta Braves for Macay McBride who happens to be a lefty as well.  I'm providing a link about the deal from both sides and I would like to hear a response to what the Braves' GM says.

I think the Tigers got someone who can get the job done, something that they have been lacking for a good part of the season.  McBride will probably assume the role that Jamie Walker had when he was a Tiger, as a left-handed specialist.  But this won't be the last move, pitching-wise.  With Kenny Rogers coming off the DL, the Tigers will have to make room for him on the roster and I don't know who that someone will be.  Logically it will be a pitcher, so sometime in the next 24 hours, we'll know who it is.

Ledezma swapped for McBride

Also, the final 2 rotation spots are now up for grabs with the return of Rogers.  Bonderman, Rogers and Verlander are the top 3 guys in the rotation at present.  With possibly 4 guys fighting over the last 2 spots.  These four guys are: Nate Robertson (who is currently on the DL), Mike Maroth, Andrew Miller and Chad Durbin.  Out of those four, the one I definitely like to keep in the rotation is Maroth because he's been the most consistent.  But who knows what will happen but we should find out in the coming days.  Hopefully, whatever moves the Tigers make, it will straighten out the rotation and bullpen so that they can be more consistent.