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Mark Clark
22 June 2007 @ 05:10 pm
As I said yesterday, the Ledezma trade was the first of probably more moves the Tigers will make concerning their pitching staff.  Today, they made another move.  The Tigers traded LHP Mike Maroth to the St. Louis Cardinals for the every popular, player to be named later.  So, the Tigers can end up with anyone from the Cardinals system and I hope they get someone who can help them.

For me, it's sad to see Maroth go because I've always liked him but this was a move the Tigers needed and/or had to make.  I never expected a move like this to make room for Kenny Rogers but something had to be done to make room for him.

Maroth dealt to Cards

After this deal, the rotation still has 2 spots up for grabs with 3 pitchers to chose from.  Those candidates are Nate Robertson, Andrew Miller and Chad Durbin.  Robertson had an excellent rehap start yestday that helped his cause so I think he will get one of the spots.  I hope the last spot goes to Miller because Durbin has been either on or off so far during the season and I think he'd be better off in the bullpen.  We'll see what happens in the coming days to see how the rotation shakes out.