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Mark Clark
30 June 2007 @ 06:37 pm
Man, the Tigers' pitching just sucks right now. Miller had a crappy game today and Grilli continued his poor pitching this season in relief. As of now, the Tigers trail the Twins 8-4 and I don't see them coming back because the Twins have a pretty good bullpen. Right now I'm thinking that Miller should've been sent down to Toledo and Maroth should not have been traded.

Their pitchers need to be held accountable for how poorly the team is doing this past week. As far as I care, if the pitchers can't get the job done they should be either let go, sent to the minors or traded and bring in someone who can get the job done because right now, they are not playing like the AL champs.

Update:  Final score - Tigers 5, Twins 8.  The Tigers now are 1-4 on their current 13 game homestand.  What a joke.