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Mark Clark
10 July 2007 @ 06:04 pm

Yes, it was another warm day in this part of Canada.  There is relief on the way in the form of cooler temperatures in the coming days but we'll have to deal with the possibility of storms over night and early tomorrow morning.

On the writing front, things didn't go overly well.  I did get some done but I just wish it was more.  Today's heat didn't help and I wasn't feeling overly well either.  I guess the progress I made on it is good.  I'm in the home stretch with it and I could be done with it by Friday and then it's off to the betas.

Btw, MLBs All Star game is tonight so I'll be enjoying some baseball tonight.  The major plus is that I can see 5 Tigers playing tonight, 3 starters.  It's nice to see the Tigers get the respect they so rightfully deserve that more than a couple get to go to the All Star game.  Makes me proud to be a Tigers fan.

10 more days to go.