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Mark Clark
11 July 2007 @ 07:27 am
When you get a driver's license, you are suppose follow the all traffic laws. Unfortunately, not everyone does. I had just dropped my dad off at work and approached the traffic lights waiting for it to go green. When it did, a truck going in the direction that I was about to go, zooms past. Luckily, I hadn't moved yet because if I had, I may not be here right now. That guy was definitely speeding because when I finally started on my way, he was way ahead of me. One of these days, that person may try that one too often and pay the ultimate price for trying that.

Also, where are the cops when you need them. I'll tell ya where, at the local Tim Horton's (for some of my American friends who don't have one, Tim Horton's is a coffee/donut place, a perfect stop for police officers), that's where.
Mark Clark
11 July 2007 @ 06:33 pm
If you hear a sigh of relief, that's probably from me because my fic is almost done. There's probably a little over a page to go and then it'll be sent of to get betaed. I didn't think that I'd have it done before the weekend but it makes be extremely happy that it is.

The All Star game was pretty good. The AL beat the NL 5-4. Yay!! That means that come the World Series, the AL team will have home field advantage. Here's a little baseball fact for ya: Jim Leyland (the Tigers and AL manager) and Tony La Russa (the Cardinals and NL Manager) had their teams face off against each other 4 times this season. Jim Leyland's teams were 4-0 against La Russa's. Isn't that something, the guy that managed the World Champs couldn't beat the man that he defeated during the regular season or All Star Game. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Another All Star note, Albert Pujols was unhappy that he didn't play last night especially since his team's manager was the NL manager. All I have to say is, "Quit your damn whining, Pujols. Be glad you made the All Star team because I bet there are a lot of other players that would've been glad to be there and not played.

Also, take a look at my previous post to see how my day got started.

9 more days to go.