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Mark Clark
14 July 2007 @ 01:29 pm
Well, it's another relaxing day after an uneventful Friday the 13th.

I'm still waiting for my Spider-Man fic to come back to me. I always get a little antsy to get it back after I send it off to get betaed. What makes things worse is that I want to have it gone over once more before I post it and I want to post it on Friday. Now, I just have to wait for it and go from there.

As to my next projects, I may start them a little sooner than later just to get 'em out of the way. I know with this round of 12 Days that I have the to the end of October to get them done but I would like to at least have them in the can by mid-September.

Here's something that I think will interest sean_montgomery :

The Tigers and Royals recently made a trade with each other. KC got right-handed pitcher Roman Colon form the Tigers while the guys in the ole English 'D' got the oh so valueable player to be named later.  The Tigers will get that player no later than Oct. 15.  So, this is the second trade within a month's time that the Tigers have made for a PTBN.  I have no idea who they'll get, just as long as he can help the Tigers in some way in the future because I don't think this player will have an impact with them this year.

6 more days to go.