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Mark Clark
30 July 2007 @ 06:08 pm
Alrighty my dear f-list, once again I ask for your much needed assistance. With one half of my 12 Days stories being sports related, baseball to be exact, I need some ideas concerning a charity that our heroes will be playing for. If the charity concerns baseball, that would be fine but it doesn't have to be.

A lot of fans of Spider-Man right now are wondering what will happen come One More Day. I'm keeping an optimistic view on that arc. That will then bring about the first arc post-OMD that will be entitled Brand New Day. I hope the changes that will be made aren't too extreme, so I'll just let things play out over the coming months. I do have some pics to share. The first 2 are Peter and MJ from One More Day, I believe these pics are for variant covers to the arc.  The 3rd is a lovely piece by Steve McNiven who will be one of the artists working on Amazing Spider-Man when it goes 3x a month. 

If anyone follows the X-Men, here's some art that deals with Messiah Complex. This spins out of the Endangered Species arc that is currently being run as backup stories in various X-Men titles as of now.