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Mark Clark
25 August 2007 @ 06:12 pm

I'm starting to feel a bit better but this darn allergy ain't helping things.  They've been bothering me the last couple of days and all that comes with it, makes me less than 100%.  I bugs the heck out of me to feel so stuffy headed and have a bit of a sinus headache to go along with it.  I do take things for it but they don't always work on me.  So, when you're in a crappy mood, allergies don't help.  Thanks for all the kind words to everyone who sent them along, they sure help brighten my day.

But the odd thing about my mood is that I was able to write and it was about a page each over the last few days.  That is kinda surprising for me because when I'm in a bad mood, I usually don't want to write.  Plus, it's about a sore subject with me right now to.  Maybe it's some kind of therapy for me.  Any way, I'm around the 2500 word mark which gives me at least 3500 to go.  I do feel that I may go over the limit but not by much.  I would say that I'm about half done, which is good.  Things are looking pretty good where the story is concerned and that makes me happy.  Hopefully this will help my mood.  Cross your fingers.