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Mark Clark
28 August 2007 @ 06:18 pm
Yes, my friends, I wrote up a storm today to the tune of 1400 words.  That is a lot for me in a day, so I'm pretty proud of myself.  Right now, I'm at 4401 words.  My reaching 6000 words will not be a problem because I still feel that I'm going to go over.  I feel like I may end up in between 6500-7000 word range.  I'm probably being a little generous here but you never know.  The final word count won't be reached until I've gotten this fic betaed and usually my word count goes up a bit.  It also looks like I may finish it sometime this week.  Now that would make me happy.

The allergies are still with me but at least I haven't had a bad attack since this morining.  All I've had is the occasional sneeze, which I can tolerate.  Hopefully I can get over this very soon.

The mood has been improving too and I may be over the worst of it.

I continue to read, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.  This comic is pretty different from the regular Spider-Man books and Ultimate Spider-Man.  After reading several issues, several supporting characters from the mainstream title have made an appearance.  These appearances are neat because they differ from how they appeared in main titles.  I highly recommend it and not just because it's a Spider-Man comic either, lol.  It truly is a wonderful read.