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Mark Clark
31 August 2007 @ 06:38 am
 I hope everyone has a good Friday.  The fic is coming along and I'll give you an update later on.

Unfortunately, the allergies are back with a vengeance.

As to yesterday's post, all I'll say is that I figured as much.
Mark Clark
31 August 2007 @ 06:41 pm
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the first of two 12 Days stories is officially finished.  Yay!!  I'll probably start my next one in a few days because for this round, I need to post the fics that I signed up to write by the end of October.  Btw, it is over the limit by enough words.  The official word count will come after it comes back from my betas and it's ready to post.

In other news, my allergies are bugging me big time now.  I was fine earlier in the week and now I'm sneezing with itchy eyes.  Hopefully this will pass soon because I hate dealing with it.