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Mark Clark
10 September 2007 @ 06:21 pm
Don't you just hate it when you pass over something with your car and it gets stuck.  Well, that happened to me today and I thought I would be able to dislodge it by backing up.  Nope.  So, when I was able to stop and take a look, it was a small piece of a tree branch.  Basicly, it would be something that you would trim off and not something extremely large and thick.  The first chance I got, I took it out but it came with a price.  The gory details will be whited out.  So, highlight the text if you are not faint of heart.  I remove the twig like branch and scrape the bloody hell out of my hand because it wouldn't come out easily.  Blood came gushing out every where.  It was several minutes before the bleeding finally came to an end.  In the process, my arm hurt like a bugger and I could barely bend it.  Just kidding, I just scraped a finger and it bled just a wee bit but what I said about my arm was true.  It was sore for a while but feels better now.

I know you should always avoid objects when they are on the road but sometimes it is difficult or impossible to do so.

I really need to get back to fixing my 12 Days fic up so that I can get to the next one.  Today, for obvious reasons, I wasn't able to but tomorrow I hope to.  It shouldn't take be long to fix up but I just have to figure out what all to add.  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have that done and the next one started.