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Mark Clark
03 October 2007 @ 05:57 pm
Now that Heroes is in full swing again, the people over at Comic Book Resources have brought back Behind the Eclipse.  BtE is their weekly Heroes column that usually focuses on the previous week's episode. 

Behind the Eclipse, Season 2 Week 1

There's another thing that I would like to share and it deals with another favourite kind of hero, superheroes.  There was a poll going on over at CBR, that's the same website that has BtE, and it was for the top 50 Marvel and DC characters.  Unfortunately I never participated in the poll but I recently looked into their results.  Some villains made the list for both companies but how some characters fared than others surprised me.

Top 50 Marvel and DC characters

Taking a look at the lists will surprise you.  The DC one is the first list followed by Marvel.  Each entry has a link and it explains their position on the list.  Probably the most interesting part of the list, at least to me, is who made the top 10 for each company.
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