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Mark Clark
24 October 2007 @ 12:14 pm
This does not make me a happy camper. JMS' last Spider-Man story arc was supposed to start in August. Then it got pushed back to September with Amazing Spider-Man #544 and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 to be shipped that month. ASM came out that month but Friendly got pushed back to October, which would then be followed by Sensational Spider-Man #41. Now Sensational has been pushed back to November while ASM #545 had been pushed back to December even though that issue was originally solicited for November.

Also, Amazing was suppose to start it's 3x a month release in December. With what has happened to One More Day, this could force pushing the post-OMD's first arc to be pushed to January. That would really piss me off because they've pushed back several issues of the Spider-Man titles a lot lately especially when it was tied into Civil War. What Marvel should do is release the Amazing issues that are planned for December, in December as long as they are ready to go because to keep pushing things back will really piss people off more than they already are. I have a feeling who's to blame for the delay. *Mark points figure at the arcs' artist, Joe Quesada*

Here's a little something that I found with the news about the new release dates for issues that pertain to OMD.