Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

The Muse has Been Kind

Today was a better day on the writing front.  I actually got a page of my fic done.  Yay!!  I am nearing the half way point of my fic which makes me happy.  My goal is to have it done by next weekend.  If I can average a page or more a day for a week, I'll be extremely happy with it.  Plus, my surprise character has been thrown in now.  I think that will help me get writing even more.  I'm really starting to feel the urge to write.  I've been lacking this feeling for a while because I think my computer problems got in the way of it.  Plus, last night's episode of Smallville was inspiring.

I've also learned some good news on the New Avengers front.  The makeup of the team is going to change after the events of Civil War.  Knowing that there would be a new lineup there was one thing that was puzzling me.  Will Spider-Man still be part of the team?  As I was going through the latest issue of Wizard and noticed that the new lineup was going to be mentioned.  As the good person that I am, I waited to get to the article to find out who was on the team.  Luckily, Spider-Man was the first one to be mentioned.  Damn right he better be the first one mentioned!!

So, that news made me really happy.  Plus it's nice to see Civil War come to an end and it will be interesting to see the new status quo in the Marvel U. after the war.
Tags: fan fiction, smallville, spider-man
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