Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

The Writing Continues

I got a little bit more done on Affairs of the Heart.  Too bad it wasn't more but every little bit helps.  I'm still very close to the half way point of the story so that will give me to the end of this coming week to finish it off.  That is a goal that I hope to meet but if I don't, it doesn't matter as long as the quality of the story is up to my standards.

The weather continues to be cold up here.  So I'm making sure that if I have to go outside to go somewhere, it's someplace that I must get to or else it will have to wait.  The wind makes pretty darn cold and there is snow in the forecast which will make traveling that much more interesting.  Hopefully this cold snap doesn't last long.

There's one thing that will keep my mind off the weather a little bit.  In just 12 days, pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.  Ah, just thinking about baseball warms me up just a little bit.  Can't wait to see my Tigers back in action.
Tags: fan fiction, smallville
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