Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

Just a Wee Bit Done

Not a whole lot to say on the writing front today because I got very little done today.  I got busy doing other things this afternoon when I wanted to pick up from where I left off this morning and then I just felt that I didn't want to write anymore today.  That happens to me from time to time.  I have the feeling that I'm due to churn out a few pages in one sitting sometime soon.

Because of this, I haven't checked out any of the stories on 12 Days yet but fear not, I will eventually.  Perhaps tomorrow.

The weather continues to be chilly here and it looks like it's not going away anytime soon.  That sucks.  I think we all got spoiled by the warmer weather that we had before this cold snap came.  It appears that it will get warmer out near the end of the week but not a whole lot warmer.  If the temps can hover near to above freezing, I'd be happy as long as a cold wind doesn't decide to keep us chilly.
Tags: fan fiction, smallville
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