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Veronica Mars - Poughkeepsi, Tramps and Thieves

Sorry for the delay but here is the recap and my comments on last week's episode of Veronica Mars.  Hopefully this will refresh everyone's memory and prepare them for tonight's new one.  Thanks to for the recap.

Keith questions Claire, Fern, and Nish about egging Dean O'Dell's office on the night he died. Nish wasn't with Claire and Fern when they egged his office. Nish says she egged his Volvo. Mindy, the Dean's wife, used the Volvo that night.

Veronica helps Max find a girl he's in love with. It turns out that Wendy is a prostitute but is really in love with him too. He pays a large amount of money in order to buy her out of prostitution. She leaves him when she realizes Max will always see her as a prostitute.

Veronica and Logan explore intimacy issues and ask each other probing questions. Veronica finds out that Logan has never been with a prostitute, but he does tell her that he hooked up with the girl on the beach.

Madison Sinclair stops by Logan's suite when Veronica is there. Later on, she runs into Veronica in a lingerie store. She tells Veronica that she hooked up with Logan over the holidays. 

This was a pretty good episode.  The situation with Max was pretty interesting because he was in love with a prostitute.  The amazing thing was that Wendy felt the same way.  Too bad Max couldn't get past with what she did because he shelled out a lot of money to get Wendy her freedom.  To me that was the saddest part of the episode because I felt bad for both of them.

Things are not looking all that good for Veronica and Logan, especially with the revelation at the end from Madison.  What this will do to the Veronica/Logan relationship, I don't know but I am getting tired of them breaking up and getting back together.  This sorta reminds me of a show on the CW that airs on Thursday with a couple that have done the same thing.  But on that show, I want them to stay apart.

It seemed that there wasn't a whole lot of progress on the Dean's murder but it will probably pick up as the weeks roll along.  One thing I do hope for is that Wallace makes a return.  He has been gone far too long, just like Mac.  I've heard that he will be in tonight's episode, so I hope that's the case.

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